"State-of-the-Art" Equipment ... direct from Manufacturer's Suppliers 

Utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art home security equipment, we personalize each alarm system to help meet the unique security needs of every individual business and home. Together, you and an experienced HomeSafe Security professional will customize the security system by selecting the security equipment and other features that will work best for you and your budget. We help meet your BUDGET while providing you the very best VALUE.

Security ... Keypads made Simple
The Keypad allows the alarm system to be turned on and off by simply entering a quick numeric code. The backlit digital keypad features a large display that walks you through the alarm system's functions and includes three emergency PANIC buttons that can automatically notify the Central Station if you need FIRE, MEDICAL or POLICE assistance immediately.

Upgrade to High Graphic 6152's,      Photo Touchscreen    or    the NEWEST Touchscreens!

Motion Detectors
Integrated motion detectors come standard with our security packages. The motion detector monitors open areas of your home such as hallways, foyers, and other large living spaces. It is a small product that provides wide coverage.

Smoke-Heat Detectors
Can your battery-operated home smoke detector notify help in the event of an actual fire emergency? Can it save a sleeping loved one or a pet? Our home heat and smoke detectors are monitored by ADT Security 24 hours a day! Upon detecting smoke or unusually high temperatures, the detector sounds the home fire alarm system to warn you of a possible fire while simultaneously alerting the ADT Monitoring Center to notify assistance. 

Keychain Remote 
Our convenient Wireless, Keychain Remote allows you to quickly and easily activate your home alarm system with the simple push of a button from the driveway, garage, front yard, or anywhere else within 75 feet of your security system keypad! Add the tremendous convenience and peace of mind of the wireless home security remote to your system today!

Emergency Panic Buttons
Emergency Panic Buttons feature sleek, compact, water-resistant designs, multi-wear accessories and more. We recommend the one-button transmitter which may be worn around the neck, on a wristband or as an apparel clip. The Wireless Emergency Panic Transmitters help provide customers with an extra level of convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Help protect your family from the "Silent Killer"  ...  Carbon Monoxide.
A monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector can warn you and your family when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are present in your home. At the same time, the carbon monoxide detector is also alerting ADT






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