HomeSafe Southeast LLC designs and installs Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance Systems for your home and business. Be confident, your system will be monitored by a #1 Security Company in the World...ADT! 

Your solution will be custom-designed by one of our Security Consultants to meet your needs and budget. The equipment is ordered from the distributor and scheduled for installation. We never recycle old equipment – new installs = new equipment.  Our Licensed Certified Technical Staff will deliver & install the equipment to match your design. This state-of-the-art equipment is built to the highest industry standards as well as being an ADT-certified platform.

Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why we hope you will give us an opportunity to assist with your home and business security needs in Upstate South Carolina. 

HomeSafe Security can also design video surveillance systems to meet the CCTV needs for Home Security or Business Camera Systems.  We have wireless cameras and outdoor weatherproof cameras to secure homes, retail and industrial:  Our customers include home camera systems, retail store camera systems, restaurant and clubs, industrial and storage facilities. We can design a camera system to meet your needs! 

We look forward to serving you! 

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Award Winning, Proven Professionals!

Great News!  Your security system will be monitored by ADT... the the largest single provider of electronic security services to more than 8 million commercial, government and residential customers throughout North America.

Peace of Mind ...  your home or business can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7  days a week .. by trained, North American-based Home Security professionals 6 different Customer Monitoring Centers... geographically aligned to our customers.  Redundant systems, facilities and personnel. Second to none. 

This team has won more awards than any other national monitoring company ... more resources, more awards, more customers and more guarantees! 

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Don't you want ADT on your side?


Who does ADT 
help secure?  

  • 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Half of the country’s Top 50 National and Regional Bank holding companies.
  • 100 of the nation’s airports. ADT helps secure 19 of the Top 30 Busiest US Airports 
  • All Federal Courthouses nationwide.
  • Of the Top 100 Largest Retailers in the world, 45 are located in the United States.   

 Consider ADT’s MULTIPLE Monitoring Centers
Think of their capabilities when planning who will monitor you family or employees ....

ADT has not just one, but has SIX Customer Monitoring Centers (CMC) located in the United States & Canada (one French-speaking), linked together to create one virtual nationwide monitoring platform.  With the virtual capability of ADT’s CMCs, if one monitoring center receives excessive alarm signal traffic or, in a worst-case scenario, becomes non-operating due to a natural disaster or Terrorist Attack, all alarm signals are automatically rerouted to another of ADT’s 8 centers, with no interruption in service.

Their customers do not rely on single sites ... why should you?


The CMCs act on more than 29 million alarm signals each year ...

  • 93,000+ daily; 200,000+ calls daily (inbound/outbound); 
  • 8,000+ customer contacts an hour 24/7
  • Handle more than 19 million customer calls per year.
  • Handle 3.3 customer transactions every second.


is an online portal that helps ADT customers self-service their accounts.  Customers can utilize this tool from their computer, tablet or smart phone to access and manage many aspects of their ADT account.  Click the logo above to be redirected to - REGISTER the day of YOUR INSTALL!

Customer can easily: 

  • Manage their billing and have the ability to view payment history
  • Manage account Passwords & Emergency Contacts
  • They can place their System Test - on & off
  • Manage multiple accounts and account settings .. even order additional yard-signs and decals… is just one way ADT provides Outrageous Customer Service! 

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